Friday, August 21, 2009

Spring is upon us...

My garden is already starting to feel very "Springy". This beautiful old tea rose has not stopped flowering all year, even in winter.

The jasmine is covered in buds. I can't wait for its beautiful smell. Nothing says Spring around here more than this heavenly perfume on a warm Spring day.

Colourful nemesias are flowering.....

the shrike thrush with its pretty song.....

and the butterflies with their incredible colours are starting to arrive.

Flowers, birds and butterflies! It is little wonder that we love Spring.
Now all we need is rain to add a little touch of magic.
A happy weekend to everyone
and thanks so much for the lovely comments.
It is so nice to hear from each and every one of you,


  1. Hi Angela how wonderful that you have so many beautiful flowers already. Love the butterfly photo.
    Have a fabulous weekend

  2. Such lovely photos, Angela!
    I wish I could smell your jasmine...they give off a simply beautiful scent.
    Happy spring to you!
    Kimberly :)

  3. What a beautiful post! The pictures were beautiful and inspiring...
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Always a joy to visit your blog! So beautiful! The photo of the butterfly is simply fantastic. Wish I could say spring is upon us but alas it is soon autumn here. But that can be a very lovely time of the year too and I usually get a really creativity I mustn`t complain.

    Take care dear Angela.

  5. Our last hours of summer are upon us with fall starting to show signs of its coming. I wish it was spring here again now. I don't like winter. Anyway, happy spring to you.

  6. Hi Angela,
    Your pictures always take my breath away. You capture everything so beautifully. It was so great to see this awesome post of your spring garden. I don't think I'll ever get used to the idea that you and I are seasons apart.

  7. SUCH a beautiful garden, angela. me with my tiny apartment, i live my garden dreams through your blog!
    and i agree - spring, to me, means the smell of jasmine. my gosh! how i love it!
    beautiful photographs as always, angela.

  8. Angela your blog is stunning. Definately putting in a link to it so I can share it with others, stunning photos, love your style, Amanda

  9. WOW - Your pictures are absolutely amazing! I love the ones of the bird and butterfly especially. :D Enjoy this lovely spring weather.