Wednesday, August 5, 2009


At last I have time to post!
Well the last couple of weeks have been full indeed.
Cathy and I have been trying to come up with some more ideas for the shop. Things that are different and things that you can't go past. So here's a little sneak peek. These are just the starting point for some of our ideas so you will just have to come to the shop when it opens to see the finished product!

The possibilities are endless. So many ideas, so little time.
The other exciting thing to happen is that my dear son Isaac turned 18 on the 28th of July.
How exciting is that and how old am I?! Isaac is now officially a man....but he'll always be my little boy. Much to his disgust I would imagine. Seems so strange. It doesn't feel THAT long ago that I was 18. I guess it is though.

The afternoon that I made his cake made for an exciting one. It was like a scene out of Masterchef! I only had one and a half hours to make this triple layer, chocolate, coffee cream filled cake complete with chocolate meringues and chocolate coated strawberries. (A combination of several recipes, just to make life hard.) And I did it. The timing was crucial as I had to get the cakes in and out of the oven before I could put the meringues in for the hour they needed and yippee it all went according to plan. What a buzz! I'm sure that I'm meant to work in a restaurant or something. There is nothing better than the adrenaline rush of time pressures and everything coming together at the right time. you've all seen another side to me. I always did say that I worked better under pressure. Yes I admit it, I'm one of THOSE people that leave everything to the last minute!

A happy day to everyone,


  1. Oh the cake looks AMAZING yummy, yummy, yummy!!!! Hey don't give away too many of our secrets lol!!! Just kidding the photos look so good.....Love ya C

  2. Oh what a yummy cake. You are such a tease with the photos!!
    Even when Isaac is as old as you he will still be your baby. My kids are 26,28,30 & 32 and they are still my babies. Especially when 28yo is playing Aussie rules football I feel like yelling at them to leave him alone!!LOL Luckily I sit in my car on the boundary and just say it to myself.

  3. What a fantastic cake Angela!! A very happy birthday to Isaac! I hope that little shop is coming along so well for you both. It will be very exciting to see it all come together. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!

  4. Hi Angela,
    That cake is a work of art in itself. Maybe you should also be a pastry chef. Okay, maybe in another life, I think you have this life pretty full. Beautiful photos as usual. Happy Birthday to your sweet son.

  5. Oh! I just love the look of that cake, must've taste divine, I'd bet. You're a good mum.

  6. That cake looks so yummie!

    Have a great day
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  7. Angela, you are in the wrong line of work!!!! Of course you should be in an restaurant instead! Maybe you should branch off and have a little café in the shop too? Now how is that for a possibillity huh? You darling boy 18? Impossible! That must make you a very young mother!

    And no more sneak peaks please! How do you think I am supposed to endure the fact that your shop is in Australia and I am in Sweden if you keep tempting me like that eh! LOL!

    Take care dear Angela and tons of luck with your new ideas.

  8. The cake is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Isaac!
    Glad you are catching up! I have missed the pen pal letters:)
    Painting and gardening here in the states.
    I checked out the store blog. Everything looks lovely.

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