Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy Days

Yes, once again I have been neglecting my blog and playing far too long in the garden. We have had the most rain we've had in years and so everything is growing so well it is just too hard to resist spending time there.
What a busy couple of weeks I have had. Sunday before last (while we had three other boys staying over) my son had to have emergency surgery for something that came totally out of the blue but all is well with him now. He didn't mind having the week off school despite the fact that exams are just around the corner- that boy is way too laid back if you ask me! It never seems to do him any harm though.
I had a busy week mostly gardening and I managed to make this charm for my cousin's daughter for her birthday. I have decided to put vintage paper on the backs of some of my charms as the paintings although small, are quite time consuming to do.
One of the things I love about making charms is making the little box to package them in.

I start with a paper mache box, collage it with papers new and old and then bees wax it. Sometimes I scan the original painting that is on the charm and print that off to use, that way I know the box will match the charm.

This past Sunday I think we had 17 visitors over the course of the day. It was wonderful to catch up with some of my many cousins and family. For this week I plan on getting some more charms done and I will hopefully have some to show everyone soon.


  1. How wonderful for you to have some rain. It is amazing the immediate difference it makes in the garden. Things look so much better after they have been rained on!
    The charms are lovely and the little boxes just finish off a beautiful gift.

  2. So beautiful as always my friend... Your little boxes are just so precious... I think we need to have a day of making some of those they are lovely.... Love ya C xxxx

  3. Just beautiful Angela. The rain has been so patchy again, so glad your beautiful garden was under the right cloud. Your charms and little boxes are delightful.

  4. The boxes are as beautiful as the charms! What a treat!

  5. I can totally understand how you get so busy in your garden and neglect your blog. I've been too busy to visit other ladies' blogs, I'd love to be able to sit down and do that. Thanks for visiting my blog even when you have a busy schedule, and yes, I knew about the Red Pierre, I probably would be more into it if it was cerise pink than red. Love your charms, and the box you made is really the icing on the cake. I also love the blue on your gate, very yummy blue it is!

  6. Happy to hear your son is doing ok. I love the little charms you make, and the idea of matching boxes to them is lovely. You're really very talented!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. Good Morning Angela,

    I always get into real good mood reading your messages, and this morning without exception. You express yourself in such lovely way, love your writing! Ofcourse i am not giving you up, never! You should say the same thing about me :) Well, i have started. I am doing some embroidery, but i want tell you more! Now wonder that you are spending more time in the garden than in front of the computer, and you should!! The spring is the most wonderful season, with flowers which starts to blossom, new plants are beginning to grow. Oh, i so love the Spring! Don`t have bad conscience about it, just enjoy it!

    You have made a few adoriable Charms Angela, so pretty!! Well, i couldn`t choose if i had to, because i like them all :) And the boxes that you make, OH!! Yes, they are so beautiful!!!The idea to match the charm, first class.

    I have been visiting Cathy, i have seen that she also make those charms. Do you make them together? That should have been fun :)
    Well Angela, i have to dress myself, and then i am going to make some Christmas shoppings. I am planing to make a few decorations. I hope you will have a lovely Saturday, take good care and see you very soon! Big hug from Aina (",)

  8. Oh Angela! Your charms are SO beautiful. And the boxes.....mmmmm lovely. I wish I could come along when you and Cathy Louise have a day of doing the boxes. I too want to learn :-) Why oh why are you so far away! I am always full of admiration when I visit your blog. The beautiful things you make..... and in a house full of "kids"... Where do you find your time?? Looking at your garden makes me long for spring although I am a Christmas lover!

    I´ll be back again soon!

    Lots of hugs