Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Beautiful Afternoon.

The weather has been so kind to us of late. A very delightful 20-25 degrees and rain every week. The garden is growing like mad and if I'm not careful to keep up with maintenance, it might just engulf everything in its path! Oh what a joy to be gardening in a garden that is growing and thriving for once after such terrible drought conditions.

There is so much beauty in the late hours of the afternoon that I can't stop taking photos. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for this beautiful place that we call home. Of course, it's much easier to feel like this when everything is green and the temperature is near to perfect. Having said that, even when the climate is being a little cruel, it's still a nice place to be. My cute little shetland, Timmy, is always very curious when I'm getting around with my camera. I think this time though, given the time of day, he was hoping for a carrot. He's quite a spoilt boy! I'm often undecided whether I'm being kind to feed him his daily carrot or whether I'm killing him with kindness.....given his rather large stomach! Late Sunday afternoon with chainsaw in hand, John chopped down four of the five scrabbly old wattles that we had left there for shade until some of the more desirable trees we had planted had grown. It felt like some sort of cleansing. SO good to be rid of their very ugly appearance. The whole area looks so much better.
This is some of the pile of branches we cut. We are slowly working through the pile with secateurs and saws making smaller piles of usable fire wood, mulch and a mass of medium sized sticks to help with water control near the dam (which is usually empty and leaks badly). It feels like our little quest for the environment to be using this very valuable biomass and not just adding to the greenhouse gases by burning it all.
An enjoyable week's end to everyone......Angela.


  1. Your place as always looks so pretty and green and lush and Wow what a difference it makes with those trees gone...You know I feel very blessed each time I walk through your garden with you as I can feel all the Angela love in the those plants...LOL!!!!
    Take care

  2. Your garden is lovely. It makes me miss our summer garden now that the wet cold weather is here. Your little shetland Timmy is soooooo darn cute!!!! I can understand wanting to spoil him.
    Looking at another post you wrote I see you use bees wax for a finish on your paper mache box. Is that a paste that comes in a tin? I was reading another blog just yesterday and saw that bees wax was used as a finish on a paper project. I have never heard of this before but I am interested in trying it. Do you think if I were to use bees wax that I could still apply embellishments such as buttons or charms? Would the bees wax allow the glue that holds the embellishments to still stick the the wax finish?

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  4. thank you for the lovely walk through your gardens Angela. I would so love to be able to walk through in person, but your pictures are so lovely, it feels almost as though I have.
    it's really beautiful.

  5. Such beautiful, serene, story book pictures. :)

  6. Beautiful as ever Angela, it is so lovely to see the green everywhere again. It's raining here tonight - hope it stays while. Thank you so much for another glimpse of your beautiful garden.

  7. Is that a white agapanthus? At first I thought it was an artichoke.

    Your garden is gorgeous in that late afternoon light. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures.


  8. Beautiful photo's! The second shot I love ~it's amazing!

  9. I just found your blog and truly enjoyed it! It made me hungry for Spring and gardening season. Won't be too long though for me. I live in Southern Texas in the US.


  10. Oh it all looks so lovely! I wish I had your green fingers. You seem to have a magic touch with your garden. Each year I have so many plans and ideas for my garden and they always end up as.....plans. Looking at your green beautiful pictures really makes me see that you literally are on the other side of the world. Wish you were closer....then I would come visit!

    Lots of LOve

  11. Hi Angela, thinking of you and hoping all is OK at your place.

  12. Oh Angela Angela!!
    Your garden looks like a heaven!
    No wonder that you feel so happy and contained with such beautiful surroundings. Do take more pictures! Your little garden house is so pretty :)
    This is exactly what I am dreaming of, a lovely little house at the countryside with a garden like this, and a few animals as well. I did not knew that you have a shetland. Timmy is so cute :) Ofcourse he was hoping for a carrot, haha
    Before I left Norway I was taking ride lessons. That was so fun to do! We were a group of 6 and we had a blast horsebackriding and chatting about countrylife and those little new fillys. My sister girlfriend was our riding master and she always extended our classes, loved that :) One winternight it was so cold and windy that all the horses didn`t moved at all. They had enough of the bad weather and they all wanted to go inside and cath some warmth. Great storys!

    Today I watched the news and I was very happy to learn that Australia has signed the Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and urged other governments to cut pollution. (I heard they were talking about something between 20-40 %, is that right?)
    So good!! I really like your new prime minister!

    I am almost finnished now with your gift. I have to find out how many weeks it takes to get it all the way to Australia. I wonder..

    I hope your day will be filled with happiness tomorrow, do enjoy your days Angela. A big hug and kiss all the way from Holland Aina (",)

  13. DEar Angela!
    So glad the package reached you in time for Christmas. I was a bit worried. I had great fun putting it all together and I am SO glad that you enjoyed it. I wish you a very merry Christmas my friend!