Saturday, May 12, 2012

Road Trip!!!

Tonight I am excited! The reason: 
John and I are going on a road trip tomorrow for the week as it is our 25th wedding anniversary on the 16th. YAY! It is SO long since we have escaped child-free from work and all other commitments.
For the first four years after we got married....before there were any children on the scene...we would take three weeks off work every year and travel. We never planned anything much- we chose a direction, threw some camping things in and drove. So much fun exploring. Then, as night fell, we would stop and pitch the tent wherever looked inviting then set out early again the next morning....wonderful! 
Seems a perfect way to spend our anniversary...ahhh...just like old times...maybe just a little older that's all. At least both of us are!
See you when we're back. Have a good week and a wonderful mOtHeR's dAy,


  1. Congratulations to you both. Have a wonderful time. Leisa

    1. Thanks Leisa! We sure will have a wonderful time : )

  2. Lovely, hope you have a beautiful trip.