Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ta-da!!!! It's finished...

Here's the little project I have been working on. I definitely underestimated the amount  of wool it would take to make it....considering that I have been back to the shop four times to get more!
I just love the texture that crochet creates. I found the lovely pattern for it at 
This wool is a very thick one and so it could have been used as a freestanding basket if I had left the hanging piece off. As it is, it is a wonderful storage idea.
Perfect for the likes of scarves,washers, soaps and even to hold a vase of flowers. I just love it.

So much so, I have almost completed another one in a finer cotton blend.
It is turning out softer and floppier which I am liking.
Unfortunately, I must go back to the shop to buy some more rolls of cotton before I can finish it!!!! Typical!

The weather here has just been so perfect.
Some days I think it's so perfect that I just have to sit and look at it despite good intentions of achieving so much when the day begins.
 I have had these little fever few flowers flowering since the start of spring.
They are such a quaint little flower. That's what makes them special...
A happy week to everyone,

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