Monday, December 21, 2009

Shop Scenes...

Hello at last! Now that it is almost Christmas I thought that I had better show everyone what I've been up to. ( I apologise for the not so clear photos as the light was a little strange.)

Well here it is... Cathy and my wonderful shop! We have had so much fun bringing it together.

We have had a lot of very positive responses from all the lovely people that have passed through our doors this past couple of weeks.
Between my ebay finds, Cathy's lovely old, white furniture (which has left Cathy's house a little bare) and careful selection of shop stock we are both very pleased with the look. Well actually we LOVE it and wouldn't mind living there! We even had thoughts of putting mattresses on the floor and projecting movies onto those very nice, large, white walls and having a girls only movie night!
Now I must concentrate on doing some Christmas things. I have only ventured into the Christmas crazed crowds once so far but I did manage to find a few gifts....many more to go though. We at least have a decorated Christmas tree which is most important as we've got to have somewhere to put all those presents!
I will hit the shops again today and tomorrow I will have to get some Christmas cooking done. In theory that is!

Hope Christmas preparations are going well for everyone else. Take care,


  1. Oh Angel how beautiful it looks. I am so happy for you and Cathy. I can't wait to call in sometime after christmas.

  2. It definately is so beautiful. I enjoyed my visit very much and can't wait to visit again.