Monday, February 9, 2009

Beating the Heat!

It is HOT! Not as hot as down south but hot enough to drive me outside of our little hotbox and into the garden. I have noticed over the years that the best spot in the garden on a hot day is to find the place where the blowflies and King Parrots are chilling out and this is the coolest place to sit. Don't worry, the blowflies leave you alone as they are too hot and bothered to move from their cool leaves on which they sit.
There is only one thing I feel like drinking when it's hot and that I'm afraid to say, is icy cool, coola cordial.REFRESHING! Makes me feel like a kid again.It just hits the spot.
It so lovely out under the trees. I have a few bird baths in the area and so there is the constant twittering of a variety of little and medium sized birds. Even the Eastern Yellow Robin came to visit today. I can also hear something that probably isn't quite as appealing as the dear little birds.....something slithering. As the dogs try to sleep the heat off, they keep an ear tilted in that direction.
Is there a favourite spot of yours to sit and create, sew, read, ponder....
A happy week to everyone and thankyou for your very lovely comments, they are much appreciated and enjoyed,


  1. So, so hot today, really not getting anything done at all which means more work for us tomorrow...Don't have a safe haven from the heat here except for sitting on our lounge under the air-conditioner!!!! Hope the girls didn't get sweaty hair before there photos (lol!!!)...Andrew has basketball training this afternoon so will take him some ice-cold water later.... He had a wonderful first game on Friday and I must say that Kirstie and I did lots of yelling for the school - lol!!! Anyway back to doing nothing!!! Love to you C xxxx

  2. Hi Angela, Looks like a lovely cool spot to sit. I think I will stick to the air con now I'm home out of the heat. You can keep the slithering at your place - I wouldn't like a visit from that wildlife!!!

  3. My favourite cool spot is on our deck. Love to sit and relax with a cool drink and a magazine. What a great spot you have to sit. We are thankful for cooler weather in Victoria but there are still bushfires going!!

  4. So glad to read that you are doing OK. We have been watching terrible and oh so sad pictures from the australian fires on the news. Since my geography isn`t really up to date I wasn`t quite sure wether or not you lived in the region most subjected to the fire.

    My favourite cool spot is lying in the hammock under the trees in the garden sipping a glass of cold white wine and listening to the birds in the trees and the bees humming. Mmmmm so peaceful!

    Hope you have a lovely day

  5. Hi Angela so many thanks and Ahhs for stopping by and never thought I would be missed so thanks for that....the Country Living Mag is it an Oz one or English? hope also that whatever new adventures are on your horizon they all work out for you ....cna't wait to hear what it may be...lots of happy good luck vibes sent your way....

  6. I just love the perspective you take in your pictures. Keep it up.