Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to this new year. We had a very nice Christmas with family at our home this year. The weather was very kind....not too hot. I'm afraid that I didn't get many photos as I was a little busy and I forgot to buy an SD card for my daughter's new camera. So of course, my SD card went "missing"!

We are just home from a lovely few days over at the coast. It's always fun to spend some time in the sea but I do like being home as well. It seems with the lead up to Christmas and all that, I haven't been home enough of late.

What does the New Year have in store for you? A new home, a new business venture, a new pet, new year resolutions that may not be kept....? I'm the sort of person that doesn't make new year resolutions. One day at a time is my motto. Life seems pretty good to me so I think I'll just keep going as I am and wait for what might just be around the next corner. I think each day should be enjoyed for what it is and we should make each day count. This might be as simple as relaxing in the beauty of it or perhaps madly working away to create something that we had always imagined. This to me is how dreams come true. I seem to have a lot of dreams coming true lately. That's always good!

When I was younger ( not that I'm old now, but you know what I mean), I was constantly on the go. Having a young family and a new place to make into a home does tend to do that to you. These days I find that stopping and relaxing and enjoying the quiet moments in life has become just as important as the busy, "achieving things" times. Watching the birds, watching a movie with the children, wandering around my garden enjoying the fragrances that hang in the air at dusk....these are the things that I look forward to.

What things are you looking forward to?


  1. I so agree about not making resolutions. Life is beautiful just the way its supposed to be, with surprises around the corner, moments that stop our hearts, and beautiful sunshine to awake us each way. Why make resolutions, life is just supposed to be lived :)


  2. Well I am looking forward to having lots of fun filled days working with my dear friend (wink)....Your Christmas photo is gorgeous!!!! Love ya and miss you heaps C xxxx

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    What a fabulous post, so thought provoking.
    2008 was a year full of things I would rather forget.
    Looking forward to 2009 being a fun year.
    My lifes motto for quite a few years is 'just go with the flow'

  4. Thanks for these pills of wisdom! I just love your table- so 'warm' and elegant!
    Happy New Year, and warmest wishes,