Friday, January 4, 2008

A Big Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone!

What a lovely relaxed Christmas we had this year.
I did get my cooking done and I did manage to make my first plum pudding ever. I think I had never made one before as I use to find them a little too rich. Now that I'm older though I find them quite delicious with a good dose of custard and maybe a dollop of cream...yum!
I love making the Christmas cake and giving it a nut topping that is glazed with warm apricot jam. The cake sure didn't last long! We all enjoyed unwrapping our gifts including Poppy who was so delighted with her new squeaky ball, she didn't put it down all day.
I'm afraid that I have been in a very relaxed mode since the end of Christmas and so I have been neglecting all my blog friends way too much. The computer being in constant use by other house members and the slowness that seems to come with children playing internet games doesn't help either.
Anyway, I just stopped by to wish everyone a happy and creative New Year.
It has been so wonderful to "meet" each and every one of you and I have enjoyed reading your blogs so much. I can't wait to see what marvellous things you all get up to in 2008.


  1. I think relaxed christmases are definitely the way to go.
    Your pudding and cake look yummy.

  2. Hi Angela!
    Long time no seen, and Happy New Year to you!! You are so right, time flies..I can`t believe it is already 2008, the year when we are moving home again. It feels so close now, so exciting. Today we are bringing our last guests to the airport, about 45 min. away. We have had guests for almost 14 days, a time filled with happiness, lovely food and fun experiences.
    Fun to hear more about your Christmas Celebration, and how cute isn`t your little dog!! She is a darling :))Don`t feel guilty about spending more time with your family and away from the computer, it is just how it should be. I see that you made a delicious plum pudding, it looks sooo jummy! I have never tasted it, but what I have heard, it is very jummy indeed. Doesn`t it has its origins in England?

    A New Year Angela...I will now send you your gift, finally :)) And start with some new projects, can`t wait for that. Before Christmas I bought a few new books, and they are all filled with lots of pretty and attempting projects. And then I will open a blogshop, I am very excited about that too. Wonder how the response will be.
    I hope you will get a fun, creative year filled with only positive surprises. And I am looking forward to share another year with you, here inside this world of magic. Take Care Angela!!
    Kisses from Aina

  3. Dear Angela!
    Sounds to me like you had a perfect Christmas and a perfect New Year celebration. And your dog is SO sweet. Lovely pic. Time spent with your family is what`s important. I hope this will be a good year for both of us.

    Take care

  4. Happy New Year my friend... I must say I am missing you...Wow your pudding looks amazing... Can't wait to get up to some mischief together in 2008... Take care Cathy

  5. Happy New Year to you too. I for one have missed you and often check your blog for new posts, the plum pudding sure looks yum. I'm the same, I didn't use to like it because of its richness and now that I'm older, my taste has changed and I love it with custard and cream. The Christmas cake also looks sooooo delish!

  6. I adore your garden and it inspires me to make our final move to Queensland when we finaly return to Oz....have never been over east but seeing how it is posssable to make a garden grow really helps...Found your carpet snake a little scary tho....and I adore the cubby...please lots of photos cos they are great ...all the best and thanks for sharing

  7. I hope you are alright Angela?
    Haven`t heard from you for a while now. Maybe you are enjoying the sun, beach and your garden? I forget that you have spring over there. Here it is rainy, windy and not very warm. But I still manage to make it cosy with candles and creativity.
    Take care!
    Aina x

  8. Soooo yummmy!! Happy New Year Angela!
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  9. Hi Angela, Hope your new year has been off to a great start. Loved your Christmas pics too! Looking forward to more of your lovely blog this year. Leisa

  10. Hi Angela, Thank you for your birthday wishes, I certainly did have a lovely morning out with my friends on Thursday. I am so looking forward to meeting you soon. I feel very spoilt to be receiving an “Angela” charm as a gift! Barbara is such a dear friend. The garden is looking quite lovely at the moment, I’ve just planted out some more veges. I haven’t seen any grasshoppers, so I hope they don’t come this way. I know Mum has already had seedlings eaten by mice. So I hope they aren’t a huge problem this year. I had best go now and feed my family. Thank you so much for your kind invitation, I am so looking forward to meeting you and seeing your garden too. Your email keeps bouncing back, so thought I would give this a try.
    Thanks again, Leisa